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MIG Welding Contact Tips


submerged arc welding contact tips        

Sub-merged arc welding working in the heavy current and high temperature working environment, which is request contact tips have very good wear resistance and good electrical conductivity.

Generally contact tips was made of copper or the HOSOCU202 (chromium zirconium copper). Currently, most of the big diameter oil pipe need be welded by automation welding machine, which is mean the whole pipe need complete the welding process without the stop. Those process control ensure the welding as good quality. CuCrlZr contact tips soft temperature around 800ºC, it’s less wear resistance capability can not guarantee the 24 hours welding system keep welding without stop to replace the tips.

HOSO develop the new technology of SAW welding contact tips. Our contact tip is designed by copper tungsten faced with back casting HOSOCU202 shank. Our product has both advantage of CuW wear resistance and CuCrlZr. Refer to our submerged arc welding contact tips catalogue.

We  have two design for the new kinds of contact tips.

内嵌式埋弧焊导电嘴 上下复合式钨铜导电嘴


HOSO’s unique contact tips wildly using in the JOCE welding system. Our customer of China Petroleum Group is using our contact tips and proved our product have very good quality.

Chart 1, Material soft temperature compare table.