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basic information

tungsten spot welding electrode


Tungsten electrode has high melting point. It has excellent proporites for high temperature strength, creep resistance,  electron emission. Moreover, tungsten is low coefficient of expansion and the lowest metal vapor pressure. In generally, we adopt powder metallurgy to produce tungsten alloy.

tungsten spot welding electrode

HOSO tungsten electrode typical specification

  HOSOCP®900 pure tungsten  HOSOCP®922 tungsten lanthanum HOSOCP®490 tugnsten heavy metal HOSOCP®080 copper tungsten
W content (%wt.) 99.95 99.0 90.0 80.0
Density (g/cm3) 19.3 18.9 17.1 15.3
Hardness  30 HRC 28 HRC 25 HRC 98 HRB
Electrical conductivity (%IACS) 30 25 5-10 40
Thermal conductivity (W/m/0K) 160 150 120 220
machining capability - + ++ +++


HOSO Metal design the electrode especially for the resistance welding. For more details refer to our tungstent electrode catalogue. Normally, Our tungsten electrode has two types:

1: pure tungsten electrode

2: tungsten-faced electrode, shank material copper, BeCu, or CuCrlZr.

HOSOCP900 pure tungsten HOSOCP490 tungsten heavy alloy HOSOCP922 tungsten oxide HOSOCP202900 copper join tungsten by NDB HOSOCP080 copper tungsten composite
copper tungsten NDB join electrode


tungsten electrode
tungsten spot welding electrode