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Stud Nut Welding Electrodes


stud nut welding electrode        


螺母电极盖In the automotive industrial, bridge, construction, lots of sheet and workpiece need be connected by the nut. One of challenge is need the good quality nut welding electrode, not only long life time to achieve the automation of welding but also the project of nut need high strength which request high hardness electrode to guarantee nut welding quality.

HOSO METAL’s nut welding electrode use the copper tungsten alloy (HOSOPM075R) as electrode face material to keep the higher wear restiance and big loading endurance, shank material use the Chromium Zirconium copper (HOSOCU202) to keep the higher electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

The copper tungsten faced join with the shank by HOSOMETAL’s new technology be called NDB®-T. There are no any gap between two materials. Our electrode has very good tips hardness and reliability.

Our nut welding electrode benifit:

1) All the electrode joined by the unique NDB®-T technology between copper tungsten and Chromium Zirconium copper. The whole electrode high thermal conductivity, high hardness.

2) High accuracy CNC machining assure finished parts size according to customer’s drawing.

3) We also supply the copper tungsten pillar. Machinery shop can join the pillar to shank by themself, and delivery the customize size electrode to end user.

copper tungsten pillar


stud welding electrode with copper tungsten faced.